"A man's got to have a code...." 
        -Omar Little
            The Wire

Rules of the Chasing Scratch Wordle Tour for Velcren Who Guess Letters Good 

(CSW Tour)

 1.  The starting day of the Tournament will be announced on social media streams and should be openly shared between Velcren.

 2.  Tournament play is not limited to the Velcren, though membership is highly recommended in order to have the best experience.

 3.  To register for the tournament send an email with your name to chasingscratchwordle@gmail.com where you'll be added to the email list.  A registration email will be sent in the weeks prior to the tournament.  Registration will lock on Friday for play on Saturday.  Scoring will be done via Event Caddy.  You'll need to create an account.

 4.  Each tournament will be played on a real life golf course.  The starting day of the tournament will be Hole 1 and play will continue for the next 18 days.

5.  There are six attempts for each Wordle.  Each attempt will count as one stroke.  

6.  Scoring will be in relation to par on each of the course's holes as shown on the scorecard.  (Par 4 = 4 Guesses)  Each day the score will be entered into the Event Caddy by the player.  Velcren are men of honor and no "proof" will be required.  However, it is a good idea to take a snapshot or post results to social media in case of disagreements.  If the league ever chooses to give out prizes, all winning scores will require evidence.

7.  Stableford scoring will be used to accumulate points.  By using Stableford, the course we choose for each tournament matters as players are getting points against par.  This will provide for more scoring variance and be more fun.  (Yes, I realize this slightly skews the value of Par 3 holes and isn't exactly the most fair way of doing it...)

8.  In the event of a tie, playoffs will continue until a winner is declared.