Legal Notice

Let's face facts.  All of my legal knowledge comes from John Grisham movies.  I didn't even manage to get into law school at Costco.  That said, if I was a lawyer I'd aspire to be a sleazy Southern lawyer like Harry Rex Vonner.  Seersucker suit, two fingers of Basil, and the drawl of a Southern Baptist deacon.  I would, however, give you awful legal advice but I'd know where to get the best seafood on the Gulf Coast and, of course, would probably cheat like Hell at golf.


We're just a bunch of golf dorks that have figured out how to make a golf game out of our favorite word game.  We mean no harm to anyone and won't profit from this in any way.


If you came here with legal pads maybe give the pod a listen and hang for a bit instead of suing us into the stone age.



Johnny K