The CSWTFVWGLG (or CSW Tour for short)

Let's face it.  Most of us play a session of our favorite word game first thing in the morning.  Most of us already have our results posted to Twitter and the Telegram before we get out of bed.  Not only do we all secretly compete with each other, we relish in the failure of others.  Our morning coffee (because adults, real adults happen to both drink AND enjoy coffee) tastes so much better when we solve the puzzle two strokes better than the other guy...even when the other guy is just some dude that listens to the same podcast and likes movies from the 90's.

It's time to organize, quantify, and publish.  Should the smug satisfaction and feeling of superiority brought on beating a fellow Velcren only be enjoyed in the fleeting moments of a short social media cycle?  Shouldn't one's phonetic prowress and belletristic bravodo be chronicled for future generations to look upon with awe and complete evny?  

I give you the Chasing Scratch Wordle Tour for Velcren Who Guess Letters Good.  

Kneel.  Before.  Zod.

We're going to choose a golf course to play Wordle against.  Every hole is a day.  Every day you compare your score against that hole's par.  Tournaments will be Stableford scoring and organized through an app.  Should be easy and should be fun.

Touch gloves, go to your corners, and let's have a clean fight.


Glory's Last Shot

Carney, Mike, and Monty holding The Carl at #9.  Beating them on the CSW Tour is going to be almost as fun as playing golf with them.  

This, however, is Sparta.  Expect no quarter, fellas.

Did you know?

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